• Xtalnia and ApeSwap have partnered to launch the ‚Jungle Farm‘ campaign.
• This will allow users to take part in battles and collect the rare item XTAL, as well as Treasury Bills soon.
• Xtalnia offers two types of gameplay (PVP and PVE), five weapon choices, and three token types (XTAL, dXTAL, RSC).

Xtalnia & ApeSwap Partnership

The new partnership between Xtalnia and ApeSwap has been announced as part of the ‚Jungle Farm‘ campaign. This collaboration will enable users to participate in thrilling battles for the rare item XTAL. Moreover, Treasury Bills are also coming soon according to an official announcement.

Xtalnia Gameplay

In Xtalnia, players begin with three characters that can be expanded up to five more with basic weapons included. There are two gameplay types: Player vs Player (PVP) and Player vs Environment (PVE). Five weapon choices are available such as Sword, Spear, Mace, Staff, and Glaive which all have individual pros and cons. In PVE mode players fight monsters in different stages for in-game currency while in PVP they compete against each other for rewards instead.

Xtalnia Tokens

Xtalnia has three token types: XTAL, dXTAL and RSC. Of these tokens XTAL is special because it is both valuable and difficult to obtain in-game; only given out on rare occasions through special events such as seasonal rewards which are distributed among top finishers (no more than 1,000 players). The higher a player ranks the more XTAL they receive compared to their lower-ranked counterparts. Players can find this game available on PC, Android or iOS devices.


ApeSwap is a multichain DeFi Hub that provides everyone with an accessible experience regardless of skill level or expertise when it comes to decentralized finance needs. It has celebrated its second anniversary since being founded by introducing aspects like Bug Bounty Program, Developer Grants or even a podcast where collaborations like this one with Xtalnia are highlighted among others like Zebec Coinflect AVANA or ApolloX who have already worked with them before too.


This partnership between Xtlania & Apeswap allows users from multiple platforms access to exciting battles where they can earn rewards such as rare items like XTAL or treasury bills among other possibilities offered by Apeswap’s DeFi Hub resources for any kind of need regarding Decentralized Finance matters regardless of previous skills or experience levels.

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