Crypto Boom Review: Is this a Scam or not? Online Broker

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Cryptocurrency, a digital currency that is decentralized and has the potential to generate significant returns, has gained in popularity recently. Many people now use online brokers such as Crypto Boom to trade cryptocurrency. The question is: Is Crypto Boom a scam or legit? We will review Crypto Boom in this article to help you decide if it is a reliable platform to invest.

What is Crypto Boom?

Crypto Boom is a cryptocurrency broker that specializes in online trading. Users can buy and sell a wide range of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. The platform is user-friendly and ideal for beginners.

Crypto Boom: Legit or Scam

Legitimacy is key when it comes to online broker. Legitimate online brokers are licensed, regulated and have a good track record. A scam broker, on the other hand is one who operates without oversight or regulation and often results in customers losing money.

We found out after extensive research that Crypto Boom is not regulated. This lack of regulation is a red flag to be aware of, since it could mean that customers are not protected in the event of fraud or malpractice.

Crypto Boom: Features

Crypto Boom provides its users with a variety of features, such as a user-friendly platform for trading, different account types, security and customer service. The platform has been designed to be user-friendly, so it is accessible to both novices and experienced traders.

How to register on Crypto Boom

Follow these steps to register with Crypto Boom:

  1. Click on „Join Now“, located at the Crypto Boom site.
  2. Please enter your contact information including your name, phone number, and email address.
  3. Create a unique password and confirm the email address.
  4. Verify your identity by submitting a copy of an ID card and a bill from a utility company.

Crypto-Boom Trading

Follow these steps to buy and sell cryptocurrency on Crypto Boom:

  1. Sign in to your Crypto Boom Account.
  2. Select the cryptocurrency that you wish to trade by clicking on the „Trade tab“.
  3. Select the type of transaction you wish to perform (buying or selling).
  4. You can now review and confirm your order.
  5. To complete your transaction, click „Confirm“.

Fees and Charges

Crypto Boom charges fees on trading and withdrawals. The fees are dependent on your account type and cryptocurrency. Crypto Boom offers competitive fees compared to other online brokers. There are ways to avoid paying unnecessary fees. For example, using a wire instead of a card.

Crypto Boom: Benefits

Crypto Boom has many advantages including unique trading options and low fees. The platform was designed to be easily accessible by both novices and experienced traders. It is an excellent choice for anyone interested in investing in cryptocurrency.

Crypto Boom: Disadvantages

Crypto Boom has many advantages but also some drawbacks. There are limited cryptocurrency options available, no mobile application, and lack of regulatory oversight. Some investors may not be interested in these factors, particularly those who place a high priority on security and regulatory oversight.

The conclusion of the article is:

Crypto Boom, in conclusion, is a legit platform for trading cryptocurrency. Investors should be cautious due to the lack of regulation. Crypto Boom is a popular choice among investors because of its user-friendly platform and unique trading options.


  1. What types of cryptocurrencies are available on Crypto Boom. Crypto Boom offers a wide range of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

  2. Crypto Boom is regulated by a financial authority.

    Crypto Boom isn’t regulated by a financial authority.

  3. How long will it take for me to be able to withdraw money from Crypto Boom?

The amount of money being withdrawn and the payment method will determine the time required to withdraw funds.

  1. What payment methods is Crypto Boom accepting?

    Crypto Boom accepts wire transfers, credit cards and electronic wallets such as Skrill or Neteller.

  2. Crypto Boom is available in my country

    Crypto Boom is currently available in the majority of countries. However, it is best to contact the platform directly to confirm its availability.

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