In Ukraine, the government seems to be betting on the cryptocurrency sector, if a new measure is to be believed. A course on Bitcoin (BTC) and digital currencies has indeed been offered to the public.

Government of Ukraine offers Bitcoin (BTC) courses

The news was announced in a Telegram message issued by the Minister of Digital Transformation, Mykhailo Fedorov. He announces the release of these new courses dedicated to Cryptosoft and cryptocurrencies for the inhabitants of Ukraine. We learn that they will be delivered in the form of a series of videos.

Students will begin by learning about the history of currency and cryptography, before studying blockchain and mining in more detail. The courses will also provide an update on the regulations that frame the sector at the global level. Students who complete these courses will receive a certificate attesting to their participation.

Ukraine turns to cryptocurrencies

It has been several months now that we observe the opening of Ukraine to the cryptocurrency sector. A year ago, the Minister of Digital Transformation even announced a partnership with Binance . It served to outline a clearer legal framework for this still new field.

In addition, we learned last February that the government did not want to regulate the mining of crypto-assets , thus taking the opposite view of several major world economies. It must be said that he intended to take advantage of it: in May, he announced that he wanted to use the surplus of the country’s nuclear power plants to mine cryptocurrency.

Ukraine’s openness to this sector was summed up by Mykhailo Fedorov last year. He explained:

“ The Ministry [of Digital Transformation] intends to create a comfortable and competitive environment for Ukraine’s crypto industry. […] The ‚re cryptomonnaies global companies can operate in Ukraine in an open and transparent manner. „

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