• Lido Finance is the leading staking platform, with 28.26% of the total staking market share.
• Despite the slowdown in the cryptocurrency market in Q3 so far, Lido has managed to maintain its lead on the ETH staking front.
• Lido’s Total Value Locked (TVL) achieved a new historic high of over $14.7 billion.

Lido Beats Out Staking Competition

Lido Finance is leading the staking platform race with a 28.26% market share, despite a slowdown in the cryptocurrency market during Q3. This impressive feat is made more evident by its competitors’ total value locked (TVL), which trails significantly behind at 7.2%.

LDO Bulls Struggle to Regain Dominance

Despite maintaining its lead on the ETH staking front and experiencing a slight recovery on price, LDO bulls are still struggling to regain their dominance over bears.

Lido Achieves New Historic High

In spite of slow market conditions, Lido has managed an impressive feat by achieving a new historic high in TVL of over $14.7 billion dollars worth of ETH tokens staked across its platform.

Is Lead On Staking Front Reason for Bull Edge?

With this achievement, it begs to ask if this lead is giving bulls an edge? Although evidence strongly suggests that it does, only time will tell if bulls will be able to take advantage of it and gain back dominance over bears once again.


It seems that despite slow market conditions, Lido was still able to maintain its position as one of the favorite staking platforms amongst investors and traders alike – a testament to how successful they have been in navigating through these tough times!

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