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Fed continua a política monetária que ajudou o aumento do preço do bitcoin

A Reserva Federal está mantendo suas taxas de juros próximas de zero, mas o que isso significa para a Bitcoin?

  • A Reserva Federal anunciou hoje que manterá sua taxa de juros noturna próxima a zero.
  • O presidente da Reserva Federal, Jerome Powell, disse que havia „uma grande incerteza pela frente“.
  • Isto pode levar a mais investimentos em Bitcoin.

Em suas compras mensais de títulos de pelo menos US$ 120 bilhões

O Federal Reserve, o banco central dos Estados Unidos, disse hoje na conclusão de sua reunião regular do Federal Open Market Committee que manteria sua taxa de juros overnight perto de zero e não faria nenhuma alteração em suas compras mensais de títulos de pelo menos US$ 120 bilhões.

Em uma mudança esperada do banco central americano, o presidente do Fed Jerome Powell anunciou que manteria sua estratégia no lugar pelo menos até que houvesse um ressalto da recessão induzida pela COVID – mas acrescentou que havia „grande incerteza pela frente“.

„O ritmo da recuperação tem se moderado nos últimos meses“, disse ele, acrescentando: „O caminho à frente permanece altamente incerto“. O Fed também disse que a crise do coronavírus estava pesando sobre a atividade econômica, o emprego e a inflação.

Manter as taxas de juros baixas torna o empréstimo mais barato para que as pessoas possam sair, gastar e, por sua vez, estimular a economia.

Então o que isto significa para o mundo criptográfico?

Bem, assim como em ocasiões anteriores o Fed anunciou que manteria as taxas de juros em zero, foi-nos dito que provavelmente os investidores poderiam recorrer a ativos alternativos – como o Bitcoin.

Isto porque investimentos que vencem juros – como títulos ou instrumentos financeiros baseados na dívida – não geram juros e, portanto, seriam menos atraentes. Além disso, como as taxas de juros mais baixas tendem a ir junto com a inflação mais alta, o Bitcoin se torna um hedge contra a desvalorização do dólar.

Desde que o Fed anunciou em setembro passado que as taxas de juros permaneceriam próximas de zero, o preço do Bitcoin disparou mais de 186% – e os investidores têm observado ativos como o ouro como um porto seguro.

Com o banco central americano mantendo sua política monetária agressiva, parece que a mudança em direção a ativos alternativos – incluindo a criptografia – pode continuar bem.

DeFi whales exploit the protocol when it is launched

Saddle Finance: DeFi whales exploit the protocol when it is launched

  • The whales made huge profits by arbitrating on Saddle Finance.
  • The Saddle protocol is a clone of Curve Finance.
  • The first liquidity providers will probably have lost their funds.

The Trust Project is an international consortium of media organisations based on transparency standards.

Within a day of its launch, the latest decentralised finance protocol, Saddle Finance, has already been exploited by whales arbitrating to make the most profit.

The DeFi Saddle Finance protocol was launched on 20 January, with the aim of mitigating the problematic spread between Crypto Genius stable coins and wrapped or tokenised cryptographic assets. Within hours of its launch, however, whales had taken advantage of the new protocol by arbitrating for huge profits.

The blog Rekt broke the chronology of events in its critical analysis, which began with the following statement:

„Any investor who supported Saddle Finance values profit over progress. Why finance a fork without innovation? »

Six-figure profits

As BeInCrypto reported on 20 January, Saddle Finance, a fork of Curve Finance, uses the Synthetix DeFi protocol via a system of „virtual synthesizers“. This system is designed to allow large transactions with minimal slippage between the assets it supports. These currently exist in the form of stablecoins and wrapped Bitcoin (wBTC) versions.

Clearly, the virgin platform was ripe for picking and Saddle Finance had already acknowledged that „some of the first transactions were executed with high slippage“ within minutes of its launch.

According to the blog Rekt, users who deposited in Saddle Finance within an hour of its launch will never get as much money out as they put in.

AC Milan to issue tokens for fans

Italian football club AC Milan have teamed up with blockchain company Chiliz to issue tokens for fans.

The $ACM Fan Token (ACM) coins will appear on blockchain platform in a few weeks. Owners of old Milan Devils tokens will be able to exchange them for new ones once ACM is released.

„This collaboration will allow us to engage with our 450 million fans worldwide, which is especially important in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic,“ said club manager Kasper Stilsvig.

ACM holders will be able to participate in exclusive club and sponsorship promotions and competitions as well as vote on at least one major club decision each season.

Chiliz has previously concluded similar partnerships with clubs PSG, Juventus, West Ham United, Atletico and Barcelona.

Bitcoin maximalism vs. Altcoin idealism

There is no shortage of diversity in the crypto market: with around 6,000 crypto currencies listed, the crypto ecosystem is extremely diverse. But not all investors are convinced of the potential of altcoins. For maximalists, only Bitcoin counts. Is this position justified or naive?

The article first appeared in the October issue of Kryptokompass . More information on the monthly magazine with the main topics digital assets and blockchain technology can be found in the Kryptokompass Shop .

For maximalists, the crypto market is divided into Bitcoin on the one hand and all the rest – almost 6,000 crypto currencies – on the other. For Bitcoin maximalists, the matter is clear: Only Bitcoin keeps its value proposition, Altcoins are doomed to fail sooner or later. Altcoin traders, on the other hand, argue with more lucrative returns and real-world use cases of some ambitious atcoin projects. In order to make both positions heard, we compare the views and let you decide who has the better arguments.

Pro bitcoin maximalism

Besides Bitcoin, there are no cryptocurrencies in existence. It is not for nothing that this totalitarian stance is called Bitcoin maximalism. For maximalists, affectionately called Maxis, there is only Bitcoin that keeps its value proposition. Why? Because, according to the Maxis, Bitcoin is the best of all monetary systems. To make this train of thought plausible, a look at the BTC genesis helps.

Bitcoin emerged in response to inflationary and centrally controlled monetary systems. The deflationary programmed BTC in circulation is fixed on the blockchain. This infrastructure also protects against manipulation and interference – there is no single point of failure in the BTC network. In contrast to many Altcoin projects such as Ethereum, the Bitcoin Blockchain hardly swallows any computing capacity. With a full node everyone can make their contribution to the network, over 10,000 full nodes are currently active. In terms of decentralization, BTC fulfills all requirements in an exemplary manner.

But the decisive criterion for Maxis is the scarcity of the asset. After all, BTC is the “finest” of all goods and, with a total supply of 21 million coins, is rarer than the most coveted of all precious metals, gold. The interaction with factors such as divisibility and the inherent value storage function allows only one conclusion: Bitcoin will survive, while all Altcoins will sooner or later bite the grass. Due to the network effects, no other cryptocurrency is able to reconcile the separation of money and institution with simultaneously increasing acceptance as a means of payment and function as a store of value like Bitcoin.

Contra maximalism

Bitcoin was the first mover – but that’s about it. Its quality as a secure store of value is primarily based on the fact that the Bitcoin blockchain has had most of the time to grow. The same applies to the awareness of the “brand” Bitcoin, which is the only one of the cryptocurrencies that regularly finds its way into the mainstream media – even if it is usually only about the recent price escapades of BTC, which has long since degenerated into a purely speculative asset has moved far from Nakamoto’s original idea of ​​an „electronic peer-to-peer payment system“.

The fact that the not exactly small community of BTC developers has not yet succeeded in turning BTC from a digital asset into a currency suitable for everyday use in eleven years should be a warning signal for those who think that BTC can replace fiat money in the future. Bitcoin is neither anonymous nor scalable. Attempts to make BTC usable for payments have ended in forks (BCH, BSV) or got lost in the development of the Lightning Network, which is still stagnating.

In the long term, this also puts the saw on the narrative of Bitcoin as a store of value, because its artificial scarcity alone will not be enough in the long term to live up to its reputation as „digital gold“. The dogmatic Bitcoin maximalism, which generously closes its eyes to the developments in the crypto sector, is more shaped by ideology and wishful thinking than by reason. The supposed “safe haven” Bitcoin could turn out to be a mirage at the latest when the last block is “mined” and the miners only have to draw from the network fees.

Ukraine: Ministry of Education offers Bitcoin (BTC) courses

In Ukraine, the government seems to be betting on the cryptocurrency sector, if a new measure is to be believed. A course on Bitcoin (BTC) and digital currencies has indeed been offered to the public.

Government of Ukraine offers Bitcoin (BTC) courses

The news was announced in a Telegram message issued by the Minister of Digital Transformation, Mykhailo Fedorov. He announces the release of these new courses dedicated to Cryptosoft and cryptocurrencies for the inhabitants of Ukraine. We learn that they will be delivered in the form of a series of videos.

Students will begin by learning about the history of currency and cryptography, before studying blockchain and mining in more detail. The courses will also provide an update on the regulations that frame the sector at the global level. Students who complete these courses will receive a certificate attesting to their participation.

Ukraine turns to cryptocurrencies

It has been several months now that we observe the opening of Ukraine to the cryptocurrency sector. A year ago, the Minister of Digital Transformation even announced a partnership with Binance . It served to outline a clearer legal framework for this still new field.

In addition, we learned last February that the government did not want to regulate the mining of crypto-assets , thus taking the opposite view of several major world economies. It must be said that he intended to take advantage of it: in May, he announced that he wanted to use the surplus of the country’s nuclear power plants to mine cryptocurrency.

Ukraine’s openness to this sector was summed up by Mykhailo Fedorov last year. He explained:

“ The Ministry [of Digital Transformation] intends to create a comfortable and competitive environment for Ukraine’s crypto industry. […] The ‚re cryptomonnaies global companies can operate in Ukraine in an open and transparent manner. „

Bitcoin addresses and ether price reach annual high

The ongoing Bitcoin rally is pulling the entire crypto market upwards. Meanwhile, the ether supply is drawn to the DeFi sector. The market update.

After yesterday’s dive, the Bitcoin course is doing its best again just in time for the weekend and climbs confidently above the 18,000 US dollar mark in the early hours of the morning

Not much is missing until the all-time high. In view of the rapid growth in the share price, reaching the target mark seems to be just a matter of form. On a daily basis, the Bitcoin Superstar has increased by 2.8 percent and is thus trading at 18,241 US dollars at the time of going to press.

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On the way to becoming a new top brand, Bitcoin has already set a new all-time high with a market capitalization of currently over 335 billion US dollars . In terms of market dominance, the largest crypto currency is flexing its muscles again compared to the altcoins. At just under 67 percent, the BTC dominance is not far below the previous year’s high of 69 percent in May.

If the rally continues, this level should also fall soon

The rekindled Bitcoin hype is reflected in high on-chain trading activity. According to Coinmetrics, the number of active addresses on November 18 was over 1.19 million addresses – the highest recorded value since January 2018.

But not only Bitcoin is in high spirits. Almost the entire crypto market is currently benefiting from the BTC surge. With the exception of Bitcoin Cash (BCH), all top coins turn positive on a weekly basis.

In the Bitcoin slipstream, Ether (ETH) in particular is growing rapidly. On Wednesday, the second largest cryptocurrency set a new annual high of $ 492 and, with a 24-hour plus of 3.2 percent, indicates the next attack on the brand. At the time of going to press, the price of Ether was trading at $ 485, up 5.6 percent over the week.

L’ostacolo primario verso i 50.000 dollari Bitcoin

L’ostacolo primario verso i 50.000 dollari Bitcoin è il massimo di 20.000 dollari per tutti i tempi

  • Solo nelle ultime cinque settimane, Bitcoin ha guadagnato il 60%, arrivando a 16.600 dollari al momento della stesura di questo articolo.
  • Gli analisti sono fiduciosi che ulteriori guadagni sono all’orizzonte.
  • Mike McGlone, analista di Bloomberg, afferma che il Bitcoin, superando il suo precedente massimo storico di 20.000 dollari, causerà una grande mossa in più.

Il Bitcoin potrebbe raggiungere i 50.000 dollari se assicura il massimo storico

Il Bitcoin è salito alle stelle nelle ultime settimane. Solo nelle Bitcoin Future ultime cinque settimane, la principale moneta criptata ha guadagnato il 60%, arrivando a 16.600 dollari al momento della stesura di questo articolo. In precedenza, la moneta era scambiata ad un livello superiore a questo più vicino ai 17.000 dollari.

Gli analisti sono fiduciosi che ulteriori guadagni sono all’orizzonte.
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Secondo Mike McGlone, analista senior di materie prime o stratega della Bloomberg Intelligence, Bitcoin superando il suo precedente massimo di tutti i tempi a 20.000 dollari causerà una grande mossa in più.

Facendo riferimento al grafico qui sotto, si è spinto fino a dire che il passaggio di 20.000 dollari per moneta potrebbe innescare una mossa verso un tetto di mercato di 1.000 miliardi di dollari per tutti i Bitcoin. Questo corrisponde a circa 50.000 dollari per gettone, un prezzo superiore del 200% rispetto al prezzo attuale di 16.600 dollari.

Commentando ciò che il grafico mostra per il Bitcoin, McGlone ha scritto:

„$20.000 #Bitcoin Is Primary Hurdle Toward $1 Trillion Market Cap – La versione digitale di #gold ma con un’offerta più limitata e una storia di aggiunta di zeri, sembra essere in una fase iniziale di scoperta del prezzo e potrebbe semplicemente continuare la sua ascesa nel 2021. L’adozione mainstream è in aumento…“

Aspettatevi una mossa oltre i 50.000 dollari di questo ciclo

Gli analisti pensano che la Bitcoin si muova oltre i 50.000 dollari in questo ciclo di mercato, nonostante quanto sarebbe impressionante un rally a 50.000 dollari. I Winklevoss Twins, co-fondatori dei Gemelli e da tempo detentori di BTC, hanno recentemente dichiarato che la cripto-valuta potrebbe passare 500.000 dollari a moneta in questo ciclo di mercato:

„L’inflazione sta arrivando. Il denaro depositato in una banca verrà investito. Il denaro investito in beni come gli immobili o il mercato azionario terrà il passo. Il denaro immagazzinato in oro o in BTC supererà il flagello. E il denaro immagazzinato in Bitcoin sarà il più veloce, superando l’oro… Tuttavia, crediamo che BTC continuerà a cannibalizzare l’oro e che questa storia si svolgerà in modo drammatico nel prossimo decennio. Il tasso di adozione della tecnologia sta crescendo esponenzialmente. Il software sta mangiando il mondo e l’oro è sul menu“.

Tra gli altri tori c’è Raoul Pal, CEO di Real Vision ed ex gestore di hedge fund. Pal ha recentemente dichiarato che la criptovaluta potrebbe raggiungere 1.000.000 di dollari solo in questo ciclo di mercato a causa degli afflussi istituzionali.

Anche gli analisti di Citibank sono iperbellici su Bitcoin. Un analista della banca ha recentemente dichiarato che la crittovaluta potrebbe superare i 300.000 dollari in questo ciclo di mercato.

Bitcoin market cap of $ 1 trillion: BTC and the 10% bet on gold

Since the beginning of the year, the Bitcoin price has risen from $ 7,200 to over $ 16,000. This enabled BTC not only to show growth of over 100%, but also to increase its market capitalization considerably. This is currently around 300 billion dollars. From this point of view, a digital currency market capitalization of $ 1 trillion doesn’t seem so unrealistic.

What about the BTC bet that Bitcoin Storm will soon have 10% of the total capitalization of gold?

Bitcoin market cap at $ 1 trillion?

Our article is based on an interview between investor Lyn Alden and Cointelegraph .

Alden, who was still considered a big critic of Bitcoin in 2017, spoke in the interview about her current perspective on the digital asset. Alden said that, in her opinion, 2020 and the macroeconomic factors have gone a long way in strengthening the narrative surrounding BTC.

As a result, Alden also speaks about the network effect of Bitcoin . Not expecting any fundamental changes in monetary policy, she thinks Bitcoin market capitalization will rise to $ 1 trillion in the next few years.

Your opinion and fear of a so-called dilution of the network effect at the time. dilution, Alden has since discarded. At that time, the investor saw the risk that capital could be withdrawn from Bitcoin and overflowed onto other protocols.

I feared watering down. If there is not a network that reaches the critical size, the market capitalization and thus the capital behind it can be distributed over many networks and protocols.

Bitcoin network will be much more mature in 2020

The Bitcoin network is now so strong that it has long since reached critical size. Other factors such as the topic of PayPal can also contribute to the fact that the network size of Bitcoin will increase by three-digit percentages in the next few years.

Afterwards, Alden talks about macroeconomics and the effects of monetary and financial policy. In her opinion, the combination of the increase in the supply of fiat money and historically low interest rates help hard assets like gold and bitcoin benefit.

For this reason, the investor also withdraws from the Bitcoin-Gold comparison.

When Bitcoin market capitalization hits $ 1 trillion, it is just 10% the size of gold. So could Bitcoin be 10% the size of gold? – Yes I think so.

With this very realistic scenario, the Bitcoin market capitalization would be around 3.3 times as high as it is today. As a result, the BTC price would also have to increase by a factor of 3.3 from today’s perspective. That brings us to a price of around USD 50,000 per bitcoin.

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Ex dipendente di Microsoft ottiene 9 anni di reclusione in un caso di frode fiscale Bitcoin negli Stati Uniti

Lo spazio criptato sta cambiando l’intero panorama economico globale.

Nello stesso contesto, molti truffatori si sono uniti allo spazio nascente con l’obiettivo di massimizzare i profitti. Nelle ultime notizie, un ex ingegnere Microsoft è stato condannato a 9 anni per aver rubato oltre 10 milioni di dollari di valore digitale al suo precedente datore di lavoro sotto forma di „valuta memorizzata“ (CSV), incluse le gift card.

Volodymyr Kvashuk, un cittadino ucraino di 26 anni residente a Washington, avrebbe usato le identità e i conti dei suoi colleghi di lavoro per rubare e poi vendere il CSV, facendo sembrare che i suoi colleghi fossero attivamente coinvolti nella frode.

Kvashuk ha anche impiegato un servizio di miscelazione Bitcoin (BTC) per nascondere le tracce cartacee coinvolte. Ha detto all’Internal Revenue Service (IRS) che i 2,8 milioni di dollari di valuta criptata che sono passati attraverso i suoi conti erano solo regali inviati da un parente. Il Dipartimento di Giustizia degli Stati Uniti ha dichiarato:

„Nei sette mesi di attività illegale di KVASHUK, circa 2,8 milioni di dollari in Bitcoin sono stati trasferiti sui suoi conti bancari e di investimento. KVASHUK ha poi presentato dei moduli di dichiarazione dei redditi falsi, sostenendo che il Bitcoin era stato un regalo di un parente“.

Kvashuk ha lavorato in precedenza presso Microsoft dall’agosto 2016 fino al suo licenziamento nel giugno 2018. L’agente speciale Ryan Korner che lavora con l’IRS ha detto che la sentenza è il primo caso di Bitcoin del Paese che comprende una qualche forma di componente fiscale. Korner ha detto che la sentenza evidenzia la crescente sofisticazione della divisione criminale dell’agenzia nello scoprire le transazioni cripto-asset non dichiarate:

„In parole povere, la sentenza di oggi dimostra che non si può rubare denaro via Internet e pensare che il Bitcoin nasconda i propri comportamenti criminali“.

Il caso

Brian Moran, che lavora all’ufficio del procuratore, ha detto:

„Rubare al tuo datore di lavoro è già abbastanza brutto, ma rubare e far sembrare che la colpa sia dei tuoi colleghi allarga il danno oltre i dollari e i centesimi“.

Kvashuk è stato giudicato colpevole di 18 reati federali, tra cui 6 capi d’accusa per riciclaggio di denaro e due capi d’accusa per aver presentato una dichiarazione dei redditi fraudolenta. Il cittadino ucraino ha utilizzato il denaro rubato per acquistare un veicolo Tesla da 160.000 dollari e una casa sul lago da 1,6 milioni di dollari.

Nel corso della storia degli Stati Uniti, le accuse di evasione fiscale sono state livellate su molti schemi criminali. Il leader gangster dell’era del proibizionismo Al Capone ha passato notoriamente 7 anni in una prigione federale a partire dal 1931, dopo essere stato giudicato colpevole di aver deliberatamente eluso le tasse.

Bitcoin ser rekord 100 dager over $ 10 000 som en analytiker ser ‚parabolsk‘ 2021

En ny rekord for BTC-prishandling på valgdagen i USA betyr at $ 100.000 nå kan danne et prismål, antyder historiske data.

Bitcoin ( BTC ) har offisielt slått en ny rekord ettersom BTC / USD handler over $ 10 000 i 100 dager, og store gevinster bør komme neste.

Da avstemningen i USAs presidentvalg ble avsluttet 3. november, så Bitcoin et eget landemerkeøyeblikk – 100 dagers handel med fem figurer.

Bitcoin ser rekordstrekning over $ 10.000

Prestasjonen er ikke bare imponerende som en rekord på $ 10.000 pluss priser. I følge tidligere data, når Bitcoin handler over disse betydelige prisnivåene i 100 dager, øker BTC / USD raskt med en størrelsesorden.

Som Cointelegraph rapporterte i forrige uke, har lengden på tiden variert avhengig av prisnivået som er involvert, men resultatet har vært det samme – store gevinster.

Kvantitativ analytiker PlanB la til styrke i argumentet om at Bitcoin skulle holde seg høyere fremover, og bemerket at den største kryptovalutas uprøvde 200-ukers glidende gjennomsnitt nå har krysset 7000 dollar for første gang.

Skulle historiske mønstre gjenta seg, kan Bitcoin nå få mer i forhold til 200 WMA, jo nærmere det kommer til neste blokkeringsstøttehalvering i 2024.

Strategiske øyne „parabolske“ 2021

Når det gjelder historien som gjentar seg, kan Bitcoin gå „parabolsk“ neste år hvis den følger sin oppførsel etter tidligere halvinger, har en kjent analytiker spådd.

I en tweet 4. november ble Mike McGlone, senior handelsstrateg i Bloomberg Intelligence, den siste figuren som antydet at neste år ville være hyper-bullish for BTC.

Årsaken, sa han, er en enkel balanse mellom tilbud og etterspørsel – Bitcoins tilbud redusert senest i halvering i mai, mens kjøpernes etterspørsel etter nye mynter bare øker.